Admin support including (but not limited to):

  • Assistance with Company registration and preparing those arduous Cipc documents
  • Typing up of and preparing reports or tender documents - oh and we also make them look pretty too!
  • Setting up and managing your client database - so you can becoming a spammer! No, not really, but we all know the importance of having updated client details at hand
  • Designing and maintaining (yes Maintenance is key!) a basic 5 page website - face it, no one has time to look at more than 5 pages these days
  • Any other administrative function that is keeping you behind your computer and not out making happy and paying clients

Graphic Design - more affordable than you think:

  • Corporate ID and designing of your logo and company stationery
  • Newsletters and email communication - need to keep these exciting you know!
  • Company Profiles - telling your clients what you do and how you do it
  • Presentations - to avoid 'death by PowerPoint' documents during presentations
  • In fact, we can pretty much make Boring look Pretty - but we have limits though! It might not work on your mother-in-law

Marketing Support.... mmmm... such a broad term but here goes:

  • Education and communication is key - we help you let your clients know what you do, so that you become their 'go to'
  • Any form of communication to your client that you don't get around to doing
  • As mentioned earlier, making an affordable website, that can let your clients know you mean business
  • Whatever you can think of to grow your business... we can assist with